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Sell Silver In NYC: We’re Industry-Leading Silver Buyers

To most, the term precious metals immediately calls to mind images of gold and silver. These are not the only precious metals found on earth, but both have been sought after for centuries. Silver in particular is sometimes considered a commodity, mainly because it can be used in a variety of ways. It’s different from gold in this way, as one of gold’s downsides is that it has virtually no utility—it’s just something that’s bought as a store of value or display of wealth. Silver, on the other hand, is used in car batteries, solar panels, and plenty of other technologies.
Of course, silver can also come in coin, bar, and bullion form, and silver jewelry and watches have long been popular as well. If you have a lot of silver around and you don’t have any use for it, it would be wise to get cash for this silver. Silver’s day as a currency is long over, but cash can purchase anything you want.
We can make it easy to sell silver in NYC. Just visit our store in the famous Diamond District. And if you can’t visit our store in NYC, you can check us out online and request a mail-in kit. For years we’ve been making it easy to sell silver online, and this is why we’ve bought silver from individuals throughout the United States. We even have a few international clients too.
We are industry-leading silver buyers, and we will give you the highest cash price possible for all your silver. Nobody will outbid us, and this is a guarantee we’ve been making and upholding for years.

Why We’re The Best Silver Buyers In NYC

Sure, we’ll pay the highest cash price for every piece of silver you sell us, but where we stand out from the rest is in our ability to understand those who sells silver to us. When you sell to us at our store in NYC, we will weigh your silver in front of you and then conduct an appraisal in no more than 15 minutes. We will explain how we value silver, and we will do this in real time so you can see how our valuation metrics apply to what you intend to sell.

Once the appraisal is over, we will present a cash offer that’s guaranteed to be the highest around. If you don’t believe us, check around with other buyers and you’ll surely see we are 100% serious about our guarantee. If somebody else offers you a better deal, we will gladly outbid them.

What To Expect If You Sell Silver To Us Online

Not in or around NYC? No problem! You can still sell us silver using our mail-in silver kit. Request a kit using the form on our site. Once you get it, fill the insured envelope we send with the silver you intend to sell. Send the envelope back to us; we will take care of the shipping cost. Once we get your silver, we will appraise it and reach out with an offer. If you accept this, we will wire payment or send you a check. If you reject our offer, we will send you back your silver and cover the shipping, so there’s absolutely no cost to you to get your silver appraised!

Get in touch with us via phone or through our site to set up an appraisal appointment. Or, of course, you can visit us in the Diamond District when you need to sell silver in NYC fast!