NYC Sell Silver

Sell Silver In NYC: Get To Know Our Business

We understand that there are dozens of silver buyers in the Diamond District, and online there are easily thousands. We stand out from the crowd, however, because we guarantee to pay the highest cash price for silver, and outbidding our competition is just something we do on a regular basis.

We’re a customer-focused business, which means we’ll go above and beyond to ensure every individual we interact with has a first-rate experience, whether they sell silver to us or not. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and over that time we’ve seen clearly that a pressure-free, comfortable environment is best for sellers and buyers.

When you come to our prominent store in NYC’s hallowed Diamond District, you won’t be hounded to make a sale. We’ll simply appraise your silver and tell you what we’d pay for it. You don’t have to accept our offer, and our appraisal will be totally free. We’d love to tell you about the quality and features of your silver, so schedule an appraisal appointment with us; they only take between 10 and fifteen minutes. We can be reached via phone or through our website, or you could visit our store at any time during business hours.

Our Customers Are Everything To Us

When a potential customer comes to our store—or reaches out online—saying we were recommended to them by someone they know, we know with certainty we’ve done a good job. Providing honest, transparent service is what we do best, and here the idea of lowballing unsuspecting sellers of precious metals is absolutely deplored. We built our business off integrity, and we’d like to believe this is a main reason why we’re still trusted deeply by those who need to sell silver in NYC.

Not only here, but we’ve delivered for silver sellers around the U.S. and internationally as well. You don’t have to be in NYC to get the highest cash price for your silver, and this is definitely a main draw for our business.

Selling Silver To Us Is A Breeze: In Person & Online

When you sell us silver at our store in the Diamond District, you can expect a seamless, transparent process. We’ll weigh your silver in front of you and then conduct a brief appraisal. During the appraisal, we’ll tell you which valuation metrics we’re using, and we’ll point out things you may not have known about your silver. Once the brief appraisal is over, we’ll make a cash offer that’s guaranteed to be the highest around. If you accept, we’ll pay in cash on the spot. It’s truly that simple!

To sell us silver online, first request our mail-in kit through the form provided on our site. Once you receive the kit, fill the provided envelope with the silver you intend to sell. Then send this envelope back to us; the shipping will be on us and the envelope is insured. Once we receive your silver, we’ll make an offer. If you accept our offer, we’ll send payment via wire or check. If you decline, we’ll send your silver back, again taking care of shipping. This secure, hassle-free process has been working well for us for years.