NYC Sell Silver

Choose Us When You Need To Sell Silver In NYC

Our business has been buying silver in NYC’s famous Diamond District for more than a decade, and over that time we’ve garnered and sustained a reputation for being reliable, transparent, customer-focused, and honest. Some of our customers have even gone as far as to say we’re life-savers. We’re certain that others in the area can’t compete with our first-rate services, and online we outbid silver buyers frequently as well.

Here, our main concern is getting you the highest cash value for the silver you’re looking to sell, and this is easily the main reason why we’re a first destination for those who need to sell silver in NYC. Our in-store selling process is hassle-free and transparent, and one could sell their silver to us in under 20 minutes.

Selling online is a breeze too, and this is why we’ve been able to buy silver from hundreds of individuals in the U.S. and several international clients as well. Selling silver to us is an enjoyable, valuable experience, and our experts will do everything in their power to ensure this is true for you!

We Guarantee The Highest Cash Price Around

Some silver buyers in the Diamond District still get away with lowballing unsuspecting silver sellers, and we think this is despicable. And online, it’s 10x easier to get swindled. Not here! We’ll give you the highest cash value for whatever silver you have to sell, and you can compare our offers with those presented by our competitors. If you do this, we’re confident you’ll see clear as day that our business is the one that’s looking to put more cash in your pockets when you have to sell silver in NYC.

We Buy Silver Online

Selling silver to us online is a great option for those who don’t live in or around NYC. And our great cash offers aren’t specific to our in-store clients. You can take advantage of them if you’re in Idaho or Israel—we’ve bought silver from clients in both places. Simply mail in your silver using the kit we provide and we’ll reach out with an offer once we receive and appraise it. If you like our offer, we’ll send payment via wire or check. If you don’t, we’ll send the silver back to you free of charge. This process is secure, fast, and very convenient for those who can’t sell silver in NYC to us!

You Can Expect A Seamless Process

We never want the silver-selling process to be a hassle, and this is why our appraisers and customer representatives go above and beyond to ensure transparency, thoroughness, and attentiveness. Ask us any questions you have—we’ll be happy to answer them. You could also use our site to learn about how silver is bought and sold, and this information will arm you with knowledge that’ll help you make an informed selling decision.