NYC Sell Silver

Sell Silver In NYC: Frequently Asked Questions

For more than a decade, our store in Manhattan’s prestigious Diamond District has been the place to go if you need to sell silver in NYC fast with no hassles. We’ll offer the highest cash price for your silver, and we’ll outbid any of our competitors, whether they be near us in the District or online. You can sell gold to us in person or online using our mail-in kit, and both options are secure and transparent.

If you’re considering selling silver to us but you have some questions, go through this FAQ, where our experts answer some of the questions we’ve received often over more than a decade in business.

How do you ensure you pay the highest cash value for silver?

We’ll outbid any competitor. You can get an offer from us and offers from our competitors, and when you compare all your offers we’re confident that ours will be most attractive. And if it isn’t, let us know and we’ll bump our bid up to ensure it is. Our valuation metrics allow us to precisely value all silver that comes to us, so we’ll know exactly what your silver is worth in as little as 10 minutes. We’ll pay top dollar for your silver, as we’re paying for its physical value.

Can I use your service if I’m not in NYC?

Of course! You can sell us silver using our mail-in kit. Simply request one using the form on our site. When you receive the kit, put the silver you want to sell in the insured envelope we provide. Mail this back to us and we’ll send you an offer when we receive it. Shipping will be covered by us. If you agree to our cash offer, you’ll get paid by wire or bank check. If you’d rather have your silver back, we’ll send it back, paying for the shipping again. From start to finish, selling silver online to us could take less than a week.

Is your team qualified to buy my silver?

Of course! We employ expert appraisers and gemologists, and we’re affiliated with leading trade groups in the industry. If you look us up on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, you’ll see we’re positively reviewed by hundreds of individuals. Providing top-of-the-line customer service is always priority number one here, and this is exactly what you can expect if you visit our store in the Diamond District to sell silver in NYC.

What kinds of silver can I sell to you?

We buy everything that has silver in it. We’ll buy silver in any condition and we buy silver of all weights. Don’t worry about where your coins were minted; we’ll pay top dollar for their physical value. Here are some of the silver items we’re sold often:

  • Silver coins
  • Silver bars
  • Silver bullion
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver dinnerware
  • Silver accessories
  • Silver instruments
  • Silver dental implants

Not sure if your silver is worth selling? We’ll give you a value so you know just how much your silver is worth. If you’d rather part with it, we’ll gladly give you cash for your unwanted silver.