NYC Sell Silver

What To Expect When You Sell Silver In NYC To Us

To us, buying and selling silver will always be enjoyable. We love this business, and even more so we love helping those who need to sell silver in NYC get the highest cash value for all their silver. Here, honesty, integrity, and commitment are valued above all else, and we ensure every individual who visits us has a great experience, whether they end up selling silver to us or not.

We’ve been buying silver bars, coins, jewelry, bullion, and dinnerware in the Diamond District for more than a decade, and for the past several years we’ve also been running a popular online platform through which individuals around the U.S. and internationally can sell their silver. We can complete online transactions in less than seven days, and this has led hundreds of individuals to sell their silver to us. You don’t have to be in NYC to take advantage of our great cash offers!

Read on to know more about our in-person and online selling processes. If you’d like to set up an appraisal appointment, call us or reach out through our website. You could also visit our store during our operating hours to sell silver in NYC!

How Selling Silver In NYC To Us Works

Selling silver to us at our store in NYC’s hallowed Diamond District is sure to be a worthwhile endeavor. Our store is secure, monitored round the clock, brightly lit, and peaceful. When you’re inside, you’ll forget there’s a bustling metropolis outside. Our environment is this way so customers and potential customers feel at ease when they interact with us. The last thing we want our store to be associated with is pressure, as here we’ll never push you to make a sale.

First, your silver will be weighed in front of you to ensure complete transparency. Next we’ll conduct a brief appraisal, and during this we’ll tell you which valuation metrics we’re using to value your silver. Once the brief appraisal is over, we’ll make a cash offer that’s guaranteed to be the highest around. If you accept, we’ll pay in cash on the spot. From start to finish, the process could take as little as 10 minutes.

Selling Silver To Us Through Our Online Store

Unable to visit us in NYC? No problem! Sell us silver online! All you have to do is request our mail-in kit through the form provided on our website. When you get the kit, fill the insured envelope we provide with the silver you’re looking to sell. Next, send this envelope back to us; the shipping will be on us. Once we get your silver, we’ll reach out with an offer. If you accept our offer, we’ll send payment via wire or check. If you decline it, we’ll send your silver back, and again shipping will be on us. This secure, hassle-free process has been working well for us for years.

It’s A Great Time To Sell Silver

With silver prices in an uptrend, selling silver you no longer want or need to us is a great idea. You’ll get cash, which can be spent on virtually anything, for something that may have just been collecting dust in your home. What a great deal, right? Reach out to us today to get started!